GU Energy Chew Orange - 18 pack
GU Energy Chew Orange - 18 pack

GU Energy Chew Orange - 18 pack

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Packed with all the energy-fueling carbohydrates, essential electrolytes, and branched-chain amino acids needed to push through exhaustion during intense activities, the GU Energy Chews 18-Pack relegates brick-like bars and messy trail mix to the back of the cupboard where they belong. This massive 18-pack of GU Energy Chews (also called GU Chomps) comes in a variety of savory flavors with a chewy texture that tastes more like candy than a nutritional supplement.

It's the perfect addition to your mountain bike ride, long-distance trail run, road cycling endeavors, and other fast-paced activities, as these delicious little chews fend off bonking with their ideal mixture of electrolytes lost in sweat, energy-dense carbs, branched-chain amino acids for mental focus and reduced fatigue.  Each sleeve of energy chews has eight pieces or two separate servings, with 80 calories per four-piece serving. Please note, Strawberry flavor contains 20 milligrams of caffeine per serving, but other flavors are free of caffeine.

  • Energy-dense, delicious chews for endurance activities
  • 18-pack of Energy Chews, with eight chews in each pack
  • 80 calories per serving, two servings in each sleeve
  • Available in savory flavors with a chewy texture
  • Carbohydrates fuel your muscles during activity
  • Electrolytes replenish sodium lost in sweat
  • Branched-chain amino acids for mental focus

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