At Super Runners Shop we use both high-tech fitting technology along with many years of experience to fit you into the best shoes for your needs. When your feet, with their complex set of bones and ligaments are properly supported and efficiently moving from 1 step to another – your form improves, injuries decrease and performance increases.  We achieve this result through a combination of 3D scans, gait cycle analysis, as well as questions about your past experiences and future goals.  Combine this Fitting Process along with our highly curated assortment of product and the result is that absolute best fit for your needs.

Step 1: The fitting process begins with 5 seconds to take a 3D scan of your feet.  The scan provides us with a remarkable amount of information.  We able to very accurately and easily view measurements like: foot size, arch height, foot volume, and forefoot width.  Additionally, we can view both feet in a 3D view.

Step 2: Following the 3D scan, we’re also able create a topographical map of the underside of each of your feet.  The foot map allows us to gain additional information to the 3 different arches of the foot. The fitting specialist will be able to determine the how rigid the feet are depending on how much the arches pronate.  All of this information combined with your answers regarding your needs and preferences allow us to narrow down the options for the right shoes.

Step 3: During the fitting process we may make suggestions for insoles or custom orthotics. We can manufacture the orthotics’ on site due to the measurements we’ve already taken. With regards to insoles, we products from Conforma, Superfeet, Spenco and Aetrex.  The proper shoe matched with the proper insole (and sock) is often a pathway to the ideal fit.

At Super Runners we know that a comfortable foot and body also needs to look good. For that reason, we handpick the most fashionable colors and appealing silhouettes from the top brands to ensure the right look matches the right fit.