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Super Runners Shops have a long history in NYC.  The business was Founded by the Winner of the 1st ever NYC Marathon.  50 years ago this year!

That history does not allow rest and possibly not have a negative split. Instead it drives us to constantly evolve at the same pace as the world around us.  That includes a hyper focus on the newest fashion, most product technology and the best nutrition that will get you to the finish line as fast as possible. We’re also upgrading omni-channel services like same day local delivery that allow you to get the products right when you need them.

We recently invested in a new fitting system that’s capability of taking a 360-degree, 3D view of the foot within seconds.  This technology provides a huge amount of data that immediately improves our ability to find the right shoe for your feet, body and activity.  A few of the Footwear brands we carry are: Apl, ASICS, adidas, Brooks, Hoka, Nike, New Balance, On, and Saucony.  In addition, a few of the Apparel and Accessories Vendors we carry are: Alo, Brooks, Nike, Feetures, Balega, Spenco, Conforma, Sugio, and Vuori

Even though our history is long; we’re all about living in the now. That could be thru product, world class customer service both online and in-store or thru community building events. Please stop by our online store or brick-and-motor locations throughout NYC to see what we have to offer.

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  • Jen Sherwood

    Just wanted to say thanks for having in stock my new awesome Vuori hoodie (in a hard to find color…) and for the super fast shipping!!

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