Covid-19 Updates (8/18/20)

Covid-19 Updates (8/18/20)

COVID-19 Announcement (8/18/20)

We're extremely excited to have all 4 Super Runners Shops currently open for Curb-Side Pickup, Local Delivery and In-Store shopping.

The brand new site allows you to view the products you're used to seeing in-store and facilitates the curb-side pickup process.  Simply purchase your desired products and select curb-side pickup as the Delivery Method.  We'll immediately confirm the items are on hand and follow up via email, confirming the items are ready for pickup. 

Please stand outside the front door or stay in your car close to the store.  Give us a call and we’ll bring the products right out to you. We do promise to give an Air High 5 or at least an appropriate wave as a way of saying, Thank You!

In addition, you're very welcome to come into the store for a fitting or to shop the newest Apparel and Accessories.  While much of the store’s functions/customer service are the same as Pre-Covid, there are some changes.  Our absolute focus will be keeping our trusted and valuable Team along with you, safe and comfortable.

First and foremost, we promise not to come to work when feeling ill, please respect us the way we do you, and stay home if feeling sick. Our hours have adjusted slightly in order to properly clean the store every evening, that includes a deep clean of dressing rooms and common areas.  We’re also closed every day from 2pm to 3pm to clean. We’re obviously all wearing masks and request you do the same.  Normally we’re very proud to showcase all the great fabrics in the store, but please limit the amount of touching of products to those you're very interested in.  There is also a quarantine time for any apparel/footwear that's tried on and not purchased. These changes to policy and procedure are obviously designed to reduce any chances of contracting Covid-19.  But they're also in place to ensure you, that Frontrunners is a safe place to shop, and that we're doing everything possible to be a respectful member of our great community.

There's no doubt these changes felt strange at first and still do.  But we promise to stay positive, friendly and as always completely focused on providing World Class customer service to the next person who walks thru the door.

Any questions, please call your local store or email   

Best Regards,

Your Super Runners Shop Team

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