My Name is Rosie and I Eat Running Shoes!

My Name is Rosie and I Eat Running Shoes!

Hey Folks – Not sure if you know me, but my name is Rosie. I am a dog. Yes, an actual real dog, a canine. One of my favorite activities is to eat shoes, specifically running shoes. The following blog is a review of 4 new running shoes that I found in my human's house and how great they are to eat.

Hey Folks – Not sure if you know me, but my name is Rosie.  I am a dog.  Yes, an actual real dog, a canine.  I’m lucky because as a puppy, my humans adopted me from a shelter.  Pretty sure my human Dad didn’t want me, but he’s gotta like me now.

Anyway……I was very skittish at first and did not like to leave my crate, but boy am I out and about now.  I’ll escape the house from the tiniest crack in the door and I like to eat everything, especially running shoes.  Again, lucky for me (maybe that should be my name), but I dog-ress, get it. HA!!   Sorry, but I am lucky because my human Dad is a Buyer for Super Runners Shop in NYC and he gets a lot of running shoes.  Not 100% sure the running shoes are here for my enjoyment, I actually don’t care - anyway there’s always new shoes in the house.  So, I’m going to review 4 new styles of running shoes for my fans out there.

Nike Tempo Next % -

  • Wow, these must be straight from the factory to my mouth!! I can still smell the foam off gassing. Now I feel a bit dizzy, kind a like I’ve been chasing my tail. No Worries.  Biting into these shoes is a dream, the foam is super soft and chewy, love it! That material in the upper is really strong and doesn’t rip easy, but I’m not going to give up.  Yikes, I just bit into the plate inside the shoe, wish someone had told me about that.  No worries, I could eat this shoe all day.  Oh no, my human Dad just got home.  Pretty sure his face is telling me he likes these shoes as much as I do. I’m about to run.

Hoka One One Bondi 7 –

  • I’m hungry, bored and my family is out of the house for a while – think they went on hike. Dogs are not allowed where they went. That will give me plenty of time to dive into the Hoka Bondi 7.  Wow, this is a big shoe, super thick, can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon, so here we go!  First bite and…… this might be my favorite, I’m bouncing around the room, this foam is soft and super thick, it holds up 500 bites later, just like the first.  Love these Bondi 7’s, can chew on these shoes all day long, better than my favorite bone.

ASICS Kayano 27 -

  • My human Dad must like this shoe, there’s always a Kayano laying around. So, I don’t feel bad ripping this one to shreds.  I’ve been biting at this shoe pretty good for a bit and ripping off all kinds of pieces.  This must be a high-end running shoe!  The Upper is super fun to eat since it rips into multiple pieces. Wow, I'm making a big mess! Ouch, what is that, my tooth just cracked biting into the Trusstic piece under the mid-foot.  Oh well, I’m a puppy – more will grow.  I don’t love that piece for eating, but I understand how it can be a great benefit for humans. Overall, I love these shoes and I really tore these Kayano 27’s to shreds, it looked like I ripped up 2 pair!

Brooks Ghost 13 - 

  • I’ve been looking forward to biting into these shoes for a minute. I bark at a lot of runners cruising by the house and the Ghost 13 is clearly a popular running shoe.  The midsole is a dream to chew on.  Not to thick, I’m really able to feel the softness.  Not to thin, I’m able to enjoy the bite. It’s just perfect! The upper is just as enjoyable to eat as the midsole and outsole.  It shreds into just the right sized pieces, not to small not to big.  Everything’s Right with the Brooks Ghost 13.

All 4 styles were great. Clearly my human Dad only has the best running shoes laying around. My 2nd favorite is the Nike Tempo Next %.  The foam was super soft in the heel and it clearly is a great running shoe for humans. The upper was so thin and strong, made ripping a blast. I give it 3 Paws Up!!!

But a Dog’s favorite has to be the Hoka Bondi 7 running shoe.  The foam was so thick and soft, it made chewing really fun.  I give this one 4 Paws Up!!!!

See ya all next time!

Your best-friend, Rosie

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